Stefan J Schaffeld

Visual Artist

Let's encounter the wonder of the world

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I'm an independent visual artist who's eager to encounter the world through engaging art-based interactions in a space of appearance and invitations in spaces as a critical yet empathic social practice.

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Recent work

Material Encounters

Through repetition and transformation of materials as an artistic practice, the material, the objects and me are developing an intimate complicity.

A combination of studio works and site-specific works in resonance to the affordances of place and the efforts it takes to engage.

Examples are ´'Skin Sculptures' (2019-2020) shortlisted for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2020 and partly show at Museum Gut Altenkamp, Germany 2019 and Art Eindhoven, 2020. My current solo exhibition 'Paper & Clay- A moving Space' (April 2022) in Rhauderfehn, Germany,

Empathic Interference

as habitats

To be in a space, to feel the space, and to encounter moments of wonder and surprise The affordances of a given enivonment, the efforts I experience, and the interference of participatory actions from human and non-human actors are constructing works of art.

An interactive research and action driven project before, during and after my artist residency 2021 (Papenburg, Germany)

Art-Based encounters as empathic social practice

Art-based shared experriences as action-research project and a social participatory practice are enabling preverbal understanding.

A project started 2021 in cooperation with the Kunstschule Zinnober Papenburg and Kunstschule Lingen, Germany

Social Practices

holding the space for encounters

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Artistic Response & Commissions

Regardless of space, occasion, or sensibilities. My approach of care and empathy allows to generate works of art between painting, drawing, sculptures, performance, and installations.

Art-Based events as empathic social practice

A key aspect in my practice informed by attitude of empathy and care is to generate artistic and social practice in a space of appearance. As a social practice it is preverbal and process driven. Holding and creating a space for shared lived experience is the form and the content.

Installation and Performative Acts

The process of art is creating encounters. The public facing are communicate through installations, interactive exhibitions, and performative moments.

Why empathy and care


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My main interest resides in the exploration of encounter through art-based intra-actions as an empathic and critical social practice. With my collaborative works and installations I address the question how these encounters are mediated by our social and cultural expectations resulting in a destabilized Self and how an attitude of care supports collaborative intra-actions.

Through my current body of work I research preverbal understanding obtained and created through lived experiences in spaces that embrace moments of wonder and the resonance with human and non-human agency.

Physical processes of transformation enable a material perspective on questions that reside in-between subjects, objects, agents, and experiences.

past experience


2022/4 MA Intercultural Practices, Central Saint Martins (CSM, UAL), London,UK

2021 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Barnsley, UK

2020 Kunsttherapeut IHK (Diploma Expressive Art Therapy), Institut für Humanistische Kunsttherapie (IHK), Zurich, Switzerland (BA level)

Professional Development

2022 - present Professional artist member of BBK Germany (association of visual artists)

2021 – present Conceptual artist for art schools (Kunstschulen Niedersachsen)

2019 – 2021 Chief Editor of student led online zine edge-zine, UK

2019 – 2021 Founding member of the UCA/OCA Regional Group Europe, Switzerland

Selected Collaborative Projects

2021 'Inhabiting Space – Becoming Space', a collaborative and intra-active project, artist in residency at Kunstschule Zinnober Papenburg, Germany

2021 'Transformation', art-based action research, aesthetic encounters and social practice, together with Kunstschule Zinnober Papenburg and Kunstschule Lingen, Germany

2021 'Sowohl, als auch - unterwegs', an artistic postcard project with Editha Janson, Kunstschule Zinnober Papenburg, and many people from the region, Germany

2019 'Mindful Resonance Interaction (MRI)', audio-video installation, Toynbee Studios, London, UK (in collaboration with Vicki Downey)

Awards and Grants

2020 Shortlisted Artist for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2020, London, UK

2020 Enterprise grant, The Open College of the Arts, Barnsley, UK


2021 Kunstschule im Packhaus, Brake, Germany

2021 Städtische Galerie Forum Alte Werft, Papenburg, Germany

2020 Galerie am Müllerhaus, Rhauderfehn, Germany

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 'Paper and Clay - moving spaces', Galerie des Müllerhauses, Rhauderfehn, Germany, 03 - 24 April

2021 'Inhabiting Space – Becoming Space' (with invited interferences from 4 artists), closing event 23 Jul 2021, Städtische Galerie Papenburg, Germany

2020 'Space – Place - Encounter / Raum – Ort – Begegnung', a site-specific project, Aug- Sep 2020, in and around the Galerie des Müllerhauses, Rhauderfehn, Germany

2019 'Material Transformation' (solo exhibition), Nov - Dec 2019, Museum Gut Altenkamp, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 ‘Chaos (theory)’ at BBK Gallery, Oldenburg, Germany

2021 Sowohl, als auch - unterwegs’, together with Editha Janson and many participants, Kunstschule Zinnober, Städtische Galerie Papenburg, 27- 29 Aug 2021, Germany

2020 Werden – Vergehen / Becoming – Passing’, Aug 2020 - Nov 2021, Rigi Hotel Weggis, Switzerland (with Marion Gregor)

2020 Shortlist Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2020 Exhibition, Jul – Sep 2020, Ashurst, London, UK

2019 250th Anniversary exhibition, Mar-Dec 2019, Fehn- und Moormuseum Rhauderfehn, Germany

2018 Showcase with OCA, @oxowharf, Jul 2018, London, UK

Stefan J Schaffeld, BFA

born in Eindhoven / NL

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Let's experience Together

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what else


This is a temporary website of Stefan J Schaffeld - Visual Arts, as the main artist site ( is currently under revision. I hope that this site can provide you with some ideas of my current practice. I am looking forward to engaging with you either here or later on the new site. I thank you deeply for your understanding and send you my deepest empathy and wishes in current troublesome times.

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